2016 - 2022 Yolt (iOS/Android/API)

Yolt is a startup financed by the ING. I worked there from the beginning and helped create the iOS app. After it’s initial launch I left Yolt for half a year. When I came back I became the mobile chapter lead, and a bit later even head of engineering. The final year at Yolt I took over the leaving CTO’s duties as ad-interim.

Yolt’s main features: Personal finance manager (PFM): it gives all the tools people need to manage their money and to stay on top of their spendings by connecting their accounts from all UK banks and trasnsferring money between accounts. Spotting opportunities: With the various partners it helped users save money on their bills and subscriptions but also had a wide array of cashback rewards. The Yolt debit card: Yolt created it’s own debit card to help users save by rounding up their everyday expenses.

At it’s height 150 wonderful people worked at Yolt. There was a great atmosphere and enough challenges to keep you on your toes.


The main screens:

account screen   dashboard screen   transactions screen

Payment flow: pay screen