2007 - Yogames (J2ME/PocketPC/Mobile)

Yogames was a small attempt at a startup where I would make tons of free simple games which would have ads in them for monetization. Until that time games could usually only be be bought in online portals from the big mobile phone networks. Since my friend Ashu as founding Mads at the same time (a mobile ad company) this would fit perfectly.

It might seem obvious to have ‘free ad driven mobile games’, but back in the day this simply didn’t exist.

Interesting technical feat to note here was the use of a pipeline I created where the artist could make 3d models in 3DSMax, and then during the build process it would render these frames out in all the possible resolutions for the huge variability of handsets.

blocker game screen   brickbuster game screen   bubblepop game screen   bubbleslide game screen
detonator game screen   flowershower game screen   fruityshake game screen   yodoku game screen
trickshot game screen