1992 - Peanut butter power game (TV/Ad)

Instruction screen

In 1992 my friends Metin Seven(Graphics artist) and Ramon Braumuller (Musician) and I were asked to make a game for a TV advertisement for Calve Pindakaas (A big dutch peanut butter brand). In the Ad a kid gets sucked into a television where the game is playing. He there has to dodge enemies and find the hidden peanut butter. At the end when a big phantom makes a dramatic entrance, he is resqued by his girlfriend who was watching everything outside of the TV. The advertisement was a first of it’s kind. It was longer than 1 minute (which was unprecedented in that time), and it featured a real video game. Kids could play the game in the Telekids studio (A dutch kids program) and win their length in peanut butter jars.

More about the history and details of the advertisement can be read on it’s wikipedia page

Peanut butter power game house