2007 - 2011 Messaging platform - MADS (.NET)

MADS is an Amsterdam based advertising company which in 2011 handled all mobile ad traffic for companies like Vodafone in a few big countries.

Senior programmer for MADS (Mobile advertising company) of which I was also part owner. I started out by expanding on the traditional advertisment platform and see if we could also send out SMS’s. This grew into a full- fledged messaging gateway capable of delivering high-speed SMS and MMS messages (Via SMMP and MM7) to messaging gateways at operators all over the world (among others: 5 Vodafone operators, 2 Tele2 operator and 1 Nawras were using it). This server is completely asynchronous (for performance) and horizontally scalable. (C# .NET)

Eventually I ended up working fulltime on a lot of projects varying from creating an automated CRM import tool (C# .NET), to creating an interactive SMS system where one could create all kinds of interactive questionnaires and collect answers from users.

Another big project was hooking up some custom server at Vodafone Romania which was responsible of redirecting the phone users to the most nearby cell tower, to the MADS system. This was all custom made software which decoded the various protocols the server was using internally. In the end we got a system which was capable of targetting users based on their location (something which is now taken for granted with the advent of smartphones but was very new at the time).