1994 - Hoi saga III demo (Amiga)

The Hoi Saga III demo was created in Denmark on a copyparty. The people who could code from our team all made a part and we assembled it all together. My part(s) were the wolfenstein labyrinth and the rotation effect. The Wolfenstein effect doesn’t look very impressive now in retrospect, but remember that the hardware was really bad at that moment. We had bitplanes instead of ‘chunky’ videomodes (1 byte per pixel), we only had 14 mhz (2.3 ghz is the norm nowadays), and our CPU didn’t have floating point (Well it did have floating points but you could barely do a 1000 calculations per second, and for integer math multiplication was quite slow, and division was crazy slow and should be avoided. So things like sine, cosine needed to be done with approximation tables. Squareroots were impossible with any kind of performance, etc etc.

The other effects were programmed bij Rutger ter Borg (the flying Moon Child), Marvin Smit

My appologies for the youtube movie. It’s very blurry. I’ll see if I can grab/upload a high def one at some point.

The demo disk image can be downloaded on the pouet demoscene site

Some screenshot from the demo planet groove