1988 - Ball Raider II (Amiga)

One year after making our first ‘arkanoid clone’ called Bouncer, we got asked by a US company to make a sequel for their game Ball Raider. With what we learned from Bouncer we thought we could improve quite a lot. Especially after playing Amegas we got a lot of inspiration how to do it a lot better. This all resulted in the game Ball Raider II which actually still looks decent and for the time was not bad.

The game was coded by my friend Thijs van Rijswijk and me, and the graphics were done by another friend of mine Pieter Opdam.

Ball Raider II level 1 Ball Raider II level 2 Ball Raider II level 3 Ball Raider II level 4

The game was published by US Action in 1988, a publisher about which I recall nothing at all anymore. Probably telling.